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Burglar Alarm Systems - Central Control Panel monitors perimeter and interior sensors such as door / window contacts or motion detectors to alert the Central Monitoring Station 24 hours/day of home invasion. We're one of the best alarm companies in Bridgeport.

Fire Alarm System (Smoke Detectors) - SafeGuard will monitor interior smoke detectors 24 p/day while you're home, while you're away and while you're sleeping. We offer residential and commercial fire alarm systems including monitored heat and smoke detectors in Bridgeport, Connecticut and surrounding communities

Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer. This odorless, colorless gas claims many lives each year. SafeGuard Security will monitor your home with Carbon Monoxide Detectors to protect you and your family when you're home and while you're sleeping. Each year there are deaths in Connecticut from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. There's a simple solution.

Video Surveillance - Safeguard Security & Surveillance Inc provides state of the art video security camera surveillance for home or business in Bridgeport. Whether day or night, indoors or feeds can be monitored remotely or locally from a computer or cell phone allowing you to keep an eye on your home, children, babysitter, property or business wherever you go. That's Peace of Mind Which Money Can Buy!

Medical Alert System - SafeGuard Security's Medical Emergency Alert System has 2 way voice communication with the central monitoring station from a pendant or watch. Designed for the elderly or disabled, our customers can speak to a representative live without the use of a telephone in the event a telephone cannot be reached. We run the most effective medical alert pendant systems in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
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Home Security Systems in Bridgeport, Connecticut

SafeGuard Security and Surveillance is one of the most experienced alarm companies in Bridgeport, Connecticut (CT) providing state-of-the-art wireless residential and commercial security alarm systems pertaining to burglary, fire and smoke alarm, carbon monoxide, CCTV video surveillance cameras and recording equipment as well as emergency medical alert technology. Our security alarm professionals serve all of Bridgeport, Connecticut (CT): Redding CT, Upper Stepney, Monroe, Botsford, Milford, Wilton CT, Derby, Trumbull, Tokeneke CT, Lordship, Short Beach and many other fine communities in Connecticut. If you have any questions regarding residential or commercial security systems, please call us today.